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China’s Casting Exporting and Sourcing Conference 2015
15 Jun 2015

China’s Casting Exporting and Sourcing Conference 2015

Oct 27th, 2015    
Hunan Hotel, Changsha, Hunan


Foundry Institution of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society(FICMES) 
Suppliers China Co., Ltd. (SC)

National Technical Committee 54 on Foundry of Standardization Administration of China

Conference positioning:
Casting export experience exchanging and market environment analyzing

Concurrent event:
China Foundry Week 2015
Date: Oct 25th--Oct 28th, 2015  
Venue: Changsha, Hunan

About conference:
China is the largest producer of castings, with the output of castings ranking on top of the world for more than ten years. In 2014, the total output of China’s castings reached 46.2 million tons, which accounted for over 40% of global output, including the exports making up 10%. Castings export has been improving in recent years; however, the growing speed was limited by quality standards, mass production, and labor productivity. Some risks and problems happed during the process of exporting castings: the high-quality standards from developed countries, recruitment difficulties, environment protection and low market demand. Meanwhile, the risk of world economic depression is increasing; the global demand is persistently reducing. The multinational foundry purchasers are accelerating global industrial layout, optimizing supply chain and carrying out cost-effective purchasing strategy.

China’s Casting Exporting and Sourcing Conference 2015 is a platform of communicating and learning for casting exporters. Casting exporters, purchasers and experts will be invited to conference, to learn purchasing’s process and supplier’s evaluation system, to analyze the problems cropped up in exports and trade, and share the experience of new customers developing and trade negotiating. This conference will be an important chance of catching the market and sharing experiences.

China Foundry Week 2015 will be held in October, is an academic and technical exchange activity full of diversified forms and a wide range of participants. More than 600 experts from home and abroad will attend to learn new ideas, new technology, new materials and new equipment.

Conference Content:

Senior purchasers analyze the advantages and disadvantages of European, American, Indian and Chinese casting enterprises
Analyze the European and American market demands, to know how to chase the exporting chance Purchasers’ presentations on multinational suppliers management system, review standards, and purchasing process Casting experts interpret exporting problems and measures, analyze China’s exporters advantages and the restraining factors
Casting export and standardization, China foundry standard plays important roles in exporting, to learn how can the exporters pass through the national standards
Casting exporters analyze the detailed exporting cases to share the experience of negotiating with abroad customers
Marketing reports from system management system review, logistics companies and industrial parks
 Presentation from FSC about urgent purchasing programs; FSC will collect attending suppliers’ information and match them with purchasers

Casting producers, casting purchasers, import and export companies, logistics companies, and certification companies and other related companies.

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